Little coder

3000 PKR
Little coder

Programming concepts using visual coding

Get the benefit from the 20 years of
Ms. Maria Zahid

Level Coordinator, BSS
Curriculum Designer, Alphabrains

Course Outline

1Story building – Bee ate lion Jigsaw puzzleCreating pictures and stories using pictures, Mouse control
2Scrat and acornSequencing in programming
3Dance mat typing Programming with ReyType faster Sequencing and loops
4 – 8Emy and angel, Scrat and acorn, Laurel the gem collector, On the moveCreating animations using block programming, Loops,Events
9 – 10Design your cover pageImage editing using Pixlr
11 – 14Talking cat CalculatorProgramming – Creating applications
15 – 18Drawing shapes and tessellationsLoops and conditionals
19 – 22Platform game Find a way mazeGame development using block programming
23 – 24Hide and seek Dress up TeraCreating animations using programming


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