Magic Math

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Magic Math

Magic Maths Cultivates an interest in numbers and eliminates the maths phobia

Get the benefit from the 20 years of
Mr. Sohaib Intesar

First Certified Abacus Trainer in Pakistan.

Magic Math

Alpha Brains rearranged Magic Maths course for kids and launched this course in Pakistan, UAE & UK. Magic maths Course has been introduced as a system of ancient times for Mathematics which was introduced by Late S. K Theta. He has discovered and re-organized the techniques in the form of 16 main techniques and 13 sub techniques. Alpha brains provides excellent opportunity to learn the Magic maths course by online or offline and get certification. It is simple and more interesting than the regular way of learning conventional maths.
The course is based on the natural way of learning; which helps to learn and perform the calculations at a much faster rate with smart efficiency that can save the time to solve mathematical problems. This works as a system which helps in checking the independent set of methods which can be useful in cross-checking the answers that can reduce the possibility of doing careless mistakes while solving the problems.
The tricks and formulas applied are direct, straightforward, and simple which reduces the stress work of finger counting and scratch work. Thus, it is helpful in developing your creativity, intelligence by improving the clarity in mind. It is very helpful in preparing for competitive exams like SAT, CSS, MCAT Engineering and many more.
Magic Maths Course is for teachers, students, homemaker, and businessman for doing calculations and even teaching students as a mentor. With the help of its learning, one can perform the calculations 10-15 times faster than the conventional maths methods.

Benefits of Magic Math

⦁ Magic Mathematics cultivates an interest in numbers and eliminates the maths-phobia
⦁ Magic Maths is very easy to understand and practice.
⦁ Any type of complex and critical multiplication or division can be done with simplicity
⦁ High-Speed Magic Mathematics is 10 to 15 times faster than conventional Maths
⦁ Magic Maths not only simplifies and eases the toughness of mathematics but also boosts the brain power
⦁ Kids will improve their results in Schools
⦁ Helps in Simplifying Calculations
⦁ Enhances Ability for Numbers
⦁ Improves Focus, Memory & Concentration
⦁ Better Performances in Competitive Exams

Course Outline


2 Months
  • Multiplication by 11
  • Multiplication by 22-99
  • Multiplication by 12 to 19
  • Multiplication by 111
  • Multiplication by 222 to 999
  • If the sum of the units digits is 10 & tens place digits are same
  • If the sum of the tens place digits is 10 & units place digits are same
  • Multiplication by 9
  • Multiplication by number ending with 9
  • General Method Multiplication 2D x 2D & 3D x 3D
  • Multiplication (Below Base 10-90)
  • Multiplication (Below Base 100-900)
  • Multiplication Below Base MethodPractice (100-10000)
  • Multiplication (Above Base 10-90)
  • Multiplication (Above Base 100-900)
  • Multiplication Above Base MethodPractice (1000-10000)
  • Subtraction (All from 9 & last from 10)
  • Vinculum
  • Devinculum
  • Subtraction using Vinculum
  • Addition Base Method
  • Subtraction Base Method
  • Division by 9
  • Division by 8
  • Division by 11 & 12
  • Division by Below base 100
  • Division by Above base 100
  • Division Base Method (Above)
  • Division Base Method (Below) by other divisors
  • Squares (Above the Base & Below the Base 10 to 900)
  • Squares of number starting with 5 & number ending with 5
  • Mock Papers


$ 2 Months
  • Tables using vinculum
  • Multiplication by number of nines
  • Multiplication (General Method) 2D x 2D, 3D x3D, 4Dx4D
  • High Speed Multiplications
  • Division (General Method) by 2 digit divisor (flag method)
  • Division (General Method) by 3 digit divisor (flag method)
  • Division (General Method)by 4 digit divisor (flag method)
  • Many More...


$ 2 Months
  • Addition and Subtraction (Fraction)
  • Auxiliary Fraction (Divisor Ending with 9, 8, 7, 6 & 1)
  • Multiplication (General Method) 2Dx2Dx2D ( 3 rows )
  • Multiplication (Base Method), 3 rows
  • Magic Squares
  • Algebraic Multiplication
  • Algebraic Division
  • Divisibility (by 2 to 23)
  • Many More...


$ 2 Months
  • Product of two numbers ending with 5
  • Revision Multiplication Base Method (Below Base)
  • Revision Multiplication Base Method (Above Base)
  • Revision Multiplication Base Method (Mixed Base)
  • (one number below and other Above - Same base)
  • Base Method multiplication
  • Many More...

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