Rubik’s Cube

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Rubik’s Cube


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Mr. Sohaib Intesar

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Rubik cube is a form of plastic 3D combination puzzle in which you can twist and turn the multi-layer in the form of 9 squares on each face.
It was invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erno rubic hence named after him in 1974. The mixing of color happens with the help of pivot mechanism internally.
It is also known by name that is Magic Cube puzzle cube or speed cube. Rubik’s combination white color is opposite to yellow, blue is opposite to Green, orange is opposite to red, in the form of BGRO.
Like you comes in various dimension, number of sides and colours.
⦁  Basic advantage of solving Rubik’s cube is it helps in improving memory.
⦁  It also helps in becoming a problem solver.
⦁  Keeps the mind of the person active and improve patience too.
⦁  There are many more benefit of the program lion hunting your body reflex.

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